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Secure passports and travel visas in as quickly as 24 hours!

  • A valid passport is required for all international travelers. Be sure that your passport is valid for at least six (6) months after the completion of your travel.
  • Visa requirements vary according to the country(s) you are visiting as well as your nationality. For travelers who are not citizens of the United States, please consult a visa service or the embassy of your destination country for visa requirements.

Please note: It is the traveler's responsibility to secure required visas and proper documentations.

U.S. Embassy Locations

Travel Health Advisory

For official health information on countries worldwide

Currency Exchange

Experts recommend using ATM or debit card at major banks for the best exchange. rates. U.S. banks may charge extra fees for foreign withdrawals - check before you travel.

Exchange bureaus or hotel front desks are convenient, but may have higher rates and fees than you would find at a bank. Credit card cash advances can be most expensive of all after paying your card's cash advance fee. Travelers checks offer a secure alternative to cash, but verify their acceptance especially if visiting rural areas.

Credit cards eliminate the need for cash and are generally accepted worldwide; less so in rural areas. Exchange rates are often favorable, but check for service fees charged by your card issuer.

TSA Travel Assistant

Find out about current airport security screening and procedures.

U.S. Customs "Know Before You Go"

Learn about travel documents needed for re-entry back to the U.S.; allowances, declarations, duty-free exemptions, and what you can and can't bring back to the U.S.

Airline Baggage Allowance

FAA's Airport Flight Delay Information

U.S. State Department Travel Warnings

World Time Zone Information

International Calling Codes

Travel Insurance

We recommend that you purchase a travel protection plan to help protect you and your travel investment against the unexpected.